Show Them The World

I always said to myself when I have children I am going to show them the world! In todays economy they have become adapted to seeing the world through a phone screen, computer, or television. I don’t want this habit to become the norm for my kids. I want to raise Aspen showing her the wonders this world has to offer. I want to teach her through sight, touch, and smell. I want her to grow up with an enormous desire to explore and see new things with her own two eyes, not a phone screen. Don’t get me wrong she loves her morning cartoons with Mickey Mouse Club and Puppy Pals, what kids don’t? We allow this for only a few more short days until we turn off our cable. Not because we can’t afford this luxury, but because we would rather use that money to travel more, take more hikes, camp, do things with Aspen that allow her to be apart of nature. Don’t worry y’all she still has her movies to watch every once in awhile.

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