I am very passionate about living a healthy active lifestyle with not only myself but with my family. I use to be a person who was addicted and obsessed with the gym and trying to change my body to look like every fitness athlete I looked up to. I learned very quickly the side effects of living this kind of life. I would isolate myself away from family functions, I wouldn’t hangout with friends in fear there would be food present I didn’t allow myself to have. I was solely focused on building body I was proud of. I was more than obsessed, my lifestyle was becoming dangerous. It wasn’t until I had Aspen I realized there is more to life than the gym or chasing a body that would never be ‘perfect’. I no longer want to spend all my time in the gym, I would rather incorporate my family in my active healthy lifestyle. Life isn’t about trying to be perfect. Life is about living your perfect life with your perfect family just the way we are! 



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