10 Products Every New Mom Needs

Listen up Mommy Tribe, especially new moms! I have complied a list of my favorite baby items that not only helped me, but saved me time and energy! Here is a list of 10 products that I feel were the best investments, or gift ideas for baby’s big arrival! This list is in no particular order of favoritism, mainly because I couldn’t decide which ones were the best, I love them ALL!

  • Fisher price Foldable bassinet- I received from Target but also available at Wal-Mart to. This bad boy was my daughters bed for the first 12 weeks of her life. We currently still use, she loves to lay in it while I’m cooking or cleaning up the house. 


  • Avent Bottle Warmer- This bottle warmer I used, along with the Avent bottles which I personally prefer, was a multi-taskers dream. I would prepare a bottle and by the time I was done changing my daughter her bottle was ready. This saved me so much time especially in the middle of the night when all you want to do is put baby back to sleep so you can do the same. This we received at Target as well, but Wal-Mart carries as to.

bottel warmer

  • Car Bottle Warmer- Now listen up ladies I did not purchase one of those expensive bottle warmers specifically made for baby bottles. What my husband and I found was this coffee cup warmer that we placed water in a paper cup to heat and then transfer the water into her bottle with the formula already in the bottle. This cup warmer worked sooooo much better than any bottle warmer our friends had. Let me tell you the water gets warm fast! This was helpful especially when you have a fussy newborn ready to eat. Surprise we found this warmer at Wal-Mart for $10!

car cup warmer

  • Wipes Warmer- This is not a necessity, but if I were to ask my daughter she would say this is definitely a baby must have, especially since she was born smack dab in the middle of Winter. This is something nice to have for the baby it cuts down on crying mainly because you aren’t surprising them with a freezing cold napkin. Im convinced this cut out night time crying for us. She would actually sleep through diaper changes some nights. I loved this product, and still do!

wipes warmer

  • Boppy Pillow- We got ours at Baby’s-R-Us because we had a gift card. Target and Wal-Mart have some that I know are cheaper. When I was trying to breastfeed, which lasted a whole 4 weeks, this pillow helped me position her in such a way that was comfortable for the both of us. We still use this pillow to help prop her up, because she is now sitting up on her own. 

boppy pillow

  • Swing- My daughter loves loves loves her swing! Oh my gosh, when I first received this from my mom as a gift I thought to myself, geez that swing is so big its going to take up so much space. I am so beyond thankful my mom got us this swing because Aspen loves this thing! We have ours in the living room so when we are eating or need a minute where we are not holding her, she sits in her swing and doesn’t fuss at all. She sleeps, watches T.V., and just talks to herself in this swing completely content. So thank you Mom, Aspen and I love her swing! I am not sure where this is from, I know other people were able to get from Target, Wal-Mart and Baby’s-R-Us also. 


  • Backpack Diaper Bag- When looking for the best diaper bag I wanted something I didn’t have to throw over one should because being 5’1 I knew It would be a struggle to carry both the bag and carseat if I were alone. I also wanted something neutral so my husband didn’t have to carry a bag that looked super girly. We found this backpack at Baby’s-R-Us and fell in love with it! Both side pockets are insulated so when you are on the go you can heat up a bottle before leaving the house and know it will still be warm later on. This bag is not big or bulky at all, it also has padding in the shoulder straps to protect your back when carrying. I am definitely a backpack person!

diaper bag bacl pack

  • Open Bottom Night Gowns- Listen here mom tribe! In the middle of the night when you have to change baby and you’re trying your hardest not to make them cry while changing, these gowns are a LIFESAVER! They are open at the bottom so there is no buttons, zipper, fidgeting with the leg pieces at all! Simply lift the gown, change the baby, pull the gown down, DONE! These are unisex as well so they are not only for girls, little boys can wear as well. These can be found at Target, Wal-Mart, Carters, Baby’s-R-Us, really anywhere you can buy baby clothes. 

night gowns

  • Diaper Genie- I love my genie and I know all new mommies will as well. This eliminates the smell you will accumulate if you were to just throw them in the garbage. They have specific bags to attach to the genie so when it gets full, open it up, tie a knot at the top and pull the bag out! No smell, no dirty mess, just a simple bag that you can throw in your garbage outside. Highly recommend this! We received as a gift but I know you can get again at Target, Wal-Mart, Baby’s-R-Us.

diaper genie

  • Last but certainly not least, Gripe water the original and sleepy time. This was such a huge help especially when Aspen had a belly ache, gas, or just being a little extra fussy. The sleepy time gripe water is not something you give them to put them to sleep, NO, it assists them in having a more restful nights sleep. Whenever Aspen is tossing and turning and just can’t find a good position, we will give her some sleepy time and this helped her greatly. We started giving her some now that she is teething as well and can’t be more thankful for this “magical syrup” as I like to call it.


There you have it moms and dads, the top 10 baby items that I feel helped me keep my sanity with a newborn and still to this day. Each item brings a helpful hand whether it be with feedings, naps, or even just play time. I would recommend these products to any and everyone thinking about starting a family! I hope y’all enjoy these products as much as I do!


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