Don’t be Afraid….Go for IT!

I love trying new things. Now with that said, I don’t always try something new mainly because fear is holding me back. What if I fail? What if I’m not good at it? What if I embarrass myself? This are all the questions that keep me from trying new things or just going for it!

I find that wishing upon a start doesn’t necessarily make all your dreams or goals come true. My personal example of this exact scenario is I have always wanted to be a yogi! I want to do those cool handstands, crazy positions, and have a relatively toned physique that most acquire due to the difficulty of yoga in general. I want to be a yoga gal!!!!

I have wanted this ever since I was in college and there were many fears that kept me from doing so. I always thought to myself;

I am going to be the worst in the class.

I am not going to be able to hold those positions for long periods of time.

I am going to make a fool of myself.

People are going to make fun of me.

What do all these statements have in common? They are all negative thoughts that haven’t necessarily come true. Our minds are out best and worst enemies that can be filled with positivity or negativity. How would I have ever known if I were going to be terrible at yoga if I didn’t try? Not one thought in my mind was a positive thought. I should have been thinking;

Once I do the first class I will no longer be the new girl.

When I continue to practices one day I will be able to do inversions.

Imagine the flexibility I will gain!

Practice, practice, practice, and I can finally be the yogi I have always wanted to be!

Why do we always start with negative comments? Why do we let ourselves talk ourselves out of something we truly want to try, or someone we want to become? Fear. Fear is the only ‘thing’ that keeps us from trying or becoming what we really want to be. I hear it all the time, I wish I could be a nurse, I want to be a hairstylist, I want to do a fitness show etc. When I ask these people why not, almost 95% of the time the answers are, “I’m scared.” Scared of what? Come on ladies we are strong women who, in todays world, are more powerful than we have ever been before. So if you are scared to take that job, or ask for the raise, or simply show up to a yoga class. I encourage you all to push that self doubt and negativity aside and GO FOR IT! 

How will we ever know if we can success in something if we don’t take the plunge?! So grab that yoga mat gals and get your booty to that yoga class and start bending and twisting like never before!







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