15 Fun Facts to Get to Know Me!

1) I am 27 years young! 

2) I am originally from Vermont but am now residing in North Carolina where my husband is from. 

3) I am currently serving in the Army Reserves.

4) I earned my nursing license through the Army and I’m currently working as an Licensed Practical Nurse at a Family Practice and I love my job!

5) I have two degrees, I earned my Health Science Degree through Castleton University in Vermont. My second degree is an associates in nursing which I received through the Army.

6) This fact is probably  no secret to those who know me best, but I have a strong passion for Fitness!

7) In my early high school years, I use to race motocross. Surprisingly I came  in 2nd overall one year in my division. 

8) Last year in 2017 I competed in my very first Bikini Fitness competition and came in 4th overall for my class. People ask me if I will ever compete again, and to be honest I am not sure I will. It took a toll on my body and the training and meal prepping took a lot of free time away from my family and friends. I commend those who can find that happy balance, however, for me I never mastered that skill. So for now I will hold off on ever competing again. I am extremely happy at where my fitness level is currently an love spending time with my family!

9) Again no surprise here, but I love photography!

10) I have a deep love for all animals, but mainly dogs. My husband gets annoyed at times when I see dogs wondering the streets and I ask if I can stop and bring them home. Fortunately in our area it’ very common for owners to let their dogs wonder the are near their homes. So technically they are not strays. However, where I am from this is not the norm so of course I assume they are strays and want to give them a loving home!

11) I crave healthy foods! All throughout my pregnancy I craved huge savory salads. When I say huge I mean like an entire head of lettuce. This is weird right? I never use to crave healthy foods. I was like any college student living off Taco Bell, Subway and of course pasta! It wasn’t until I got serious with what I was feeding my body did I feel my body crave vegetables rather than pasta. This took time, but the more you feed your body the ‘right’ foods the more your cravings for the ‘bad’ foods disappear. 

12) I am a very outdoors person, and luckily so is Miss Aspen. We love being outside! I would rather be hiking and camping than shopping and getting my nails done. I actually hate getting my nails done. I don’t even like the look of nail polish anymore. I use to paint my nails and toes all the time because that’s what everyone else did. It wasn’t until a year ago I stopped copying what others did and just stopped painting my nails. Weird fact I know. 

13) This is a tough fact to admit, but I use to be anorexic. It breaks my heart to think back at what I use to do to my body to try and achieve a thin figure like all the women I followed on Instagram. I use to lie to others when they said, “Let’s go get something for lunch.” I would tell them I had already ate. I would eat nothing all day and sip on hot tea to try to stop the hunger feeling that constantly lived in my stomach. But I will probably make a whole blog post on this top later on. Moving on!

14) I have lived in 8 states and 1 country. My father was in the Navy so naturally we moved around frequently. I have lived in Washington, California, Florida, Virginia, Maine, Texas, Vermont, Puerto Rico and Italy. I was very blessed to see many places growing up and experience different cultures. 

15) And last but not least, I have ran a 1/2 marathon before! I know some may say OK cool, but have you run a full? One step at a time people, one day I will run a full. It’s a personal goal of mine. I envy those hard core runners out there! 

So there you are ladies 15 random fun facts about me! I hope this breaks the ice between us and shows I am a normal gal who likes adventure and trying new things. 


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