The Adventures Begin!

Hi everyone my name is Rebecca and I am a brand new mommy to my amazing little girl Aspen Rayne! I am starting this blog for a few reasons. When I was pregnant I spent a lot of time looking through different blogs pertaining to being a healthy, fit, and nutritious savvy mom so when my little girl came into this world I would be an expert on how to raise my child as healthy and active as possible. I found many blogs, however, no one writes the book on how to do anything perfect, being a mom is no different. So why did I start this blog? I started this to not only share my experiences raising our daughter, but share with ya’ll my healthy recipes, fitness tips and adventures we go on! So if you want to come along and see how I am ‘Raising Aspen Rayne’ feel free to continue reading my posts. My goal is to try and post every 3 days. I say try because not only am I a full time mommy, I also have a full time job as a nurse and a family to tend to. However, I will try my hardest to keep these posts, ideas, adventures coming for all you Mommies out there!

Quick disclaimer I am not a dietician or a physical trainer, I am in no way telling anyone to follow these (soon to be recipes or exercises) as your own personal plan. I just want to share what has helped me personally and what foods I like to eat. So please enjoy!


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